Annual Men’s Retreat for fathers, their sons, and single men of all ages.

The Men’s Retreat is a gathering of men passionate about faith in Jesus.  Sometimes intense, sometimes relaxed–it’s a reflection of the men who attend and the bold way that Jesus lives through them.   The young and old, rich and poor, those with status, those with none, come together as friends to worship Him with whom they share a common bond.  They come to teach and learn, to serve and be served, to study, to relax and drink deeply of fellowship with one another.

Depart from your routine and join us for this retreat. You’ll be glad you did.  Preston Gillham will be teaching this year.  Pres is an author, teacher, counselor, and life coach with special connections to The Hill and the folks here.  His insights are always challenging and refreshing and bring clarity to the vague.

It begins at 7:00 pm on April 28th and goes through Sunday, April 30th, 10:00 am.  There is no charge for the weekend.  No childcare is provided.


The Hill

989 Hardin Wadesboro Road

Hardin, KY